Welcome to the Sydney Society of Recorder Players

Coming Events

27/3/19 - The SSRP's Beginners' Consort has been running for a couple of years now. It's a 'safe' place, where beginner recorder players can play in a small group setting, get the music ahead of the rehearsal,practise and feel prepared.

10/4/19 - Regular attendees at our monthly meetings will be familiar with Helen Worthington as a fine performer on recorder. Helen has an Honours degree in Music with Piano, Trumpet and Recorder as her main studies; she is currently a music teacher at Redlands.

8/5/19 - We welcome back after quite some time, Karen Carey, one of Sydney's best known music educators. Members are guaranteed a rewarding evening of recorder playing under Karen's baton.

The Sydney Society of Recorder Players was formed in 1956 to promote the playing of the recorder, and to foster interest in the musical repertoire of the instrument from medieval to modern times.

The Society provides opportunities for recorder players throughout Sydney and surrounding districts to meet and play the recorder. The Society supports other associations with similar aims. We sponsor the composition of original music for recorders.

There is a wide range of performance and competence on the recorder within the Society. Membership is open to all.

You can also follow SSRP as well as other events in the recorder world on our Facebook page. Click here